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Artyk, Russia

Artyk, Russia

Why Visit Artyk
How to Get to Artyk

Artyk Introduction

Not specifically a tourist destination in itself but a place that you may decide to make a stop at if travelling the Kolyma Highway, the settlement of Artyk is fairly typical of many of the semi-derelict towns and villages that can be found in this area.

It is in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia), just a short distance across the border from Magadan Oblast.

It definitely has more of a Magadan vibe than a Yakutia Vibe, however sadly this means that it is a somewhat ruined post-apocalyptic former-town rather than anything to inspire optimism.

Artyk Magadan Russia

Why Visit Artky

A stop in Artyk is recommended simply to give the visitor pause for thought about what it must be like to live in such a place.

Of course, there is not much choice for any local residents as their property has no value for resale and simply upping sticks and moving across Russia does require money, but to see this town, with just a few hundred remaining residents, still support a school gives a feeling of both optimism (young people, the lifeblood of a community, still remain!) and also a bit of despair (what on earth is someone doing raising a child in a place like this!) – it is, like much of Russia, a place of contrasts and confusion.

Embrace it and stop for an hour! 

There isn’t a vast amount to see in Artyk, but if you pull up at the House of Culture in the centre of town you can first visit a silver-painted Lenin (always nice to see a familiar face!) and also a war memorial across the street.

There is a bakery that is well-regarded among drivers who ply their trade on the Kolyma Highway, and also a small shop next to the House of Culture run be a very welcoming woman, stop there for chocolate and photos

The House of Culture is usually closed, but if someone is there that day they can let you in for a look around. It is small but pleasingly retro.

If not open then just sit on the benches outside and soak up some atmosphere before heading on to your next stop.

Artyk Magadan Russia

How to get to Artyk

Artyk is 765 km from Magadan, more than a day’s drive.

If heading west on the Kolyma highway this would basically be the last stop before arriving at Ust-Nera, just 2.5 more hours along the road.

From Yakutsk to Artyk the distance is more than 1100km. 

Artyk Magadan Russia

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