Application and Visa Requirements

Obtaining a visa for Turkmenistan is a lengthy, time consuming and bureaucratic process, we try to take on as much of this as possible for you but it is imperative that you apply in good time as the limits are very strictly enforced.

We need the following information a minimum of ONE MONTH in advance of the tour, ideally SIX WEEKS or more if possible:

  • Full Name:
  • Nationality:
  • Sex:
  • Date of Birth:
  • Passport Number:
  • Address:
  • Job Title:
  • Company:
  • Details of any previous visits to Turkmenistan:

Please also indicate where you will join the tour from (London, Beijing, Istanbul etc).


We also require a deposit to be paid at this time as we start taking on administrative costs as well as an obligation to pay for the visa invitation as soon as we send off an application. We ask for a deposit of 50% of the tour fee to be paid to the account listed below. If we fail to obtain a visa for you we will of course refund all monies sent to us.

You must apply at least 3-4 weeks before the tour departure date as the Letter of Invitation that we need to obtain in order to facilitate the visa can take several days to be issued by the Turkmenistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We can arrange to have the visas issued on arrival at Ashgabat airport or any other point of entry to the country, but if you would prefer to have it issued at the Turkmenistan Embassy in your home country or have any questions at all about the visa process (it is rather complicated!) please contact us immediately!

If you are joining the tour from somewhere other than Beijing and buying a ticket via our offices we will have your plane ticket sent to you at your home address and also inform you if anyone else is joining the tour from your place of departure so that you can meet up on the way to join the tour, then it is just a matter of getting on the plane and we look forward to seeing you in Ashgabat to experience the unique country of Turkmenistan together!

Please note that for this tour you are required to pay the fee for the issuance of the visa yourself. Due to the extended amount of time that it takes to have a visa authorised and sent to an Embassy of Turkmenistan it is much simpler to collect the visa on arrival at Ashgabat Airport, the fee payable here varies according to your nationality, its usually around US$100. The visa is stamped in your passport and is the same as it would be if issued at a Turkmen Embassy. If you insist on having your visa issued at an Embassy then please be sure to apply for the tour as early as possible.


A deposit of 50% of total cost of your tour should be made on booking with the other half paid in euro cash in our office prior to departure or when the group assembles in Ashgabat. Alternatively you can opt to transfer the full amount instead.

Once you have completed the application we will send you an invoice which will include the bank details for the payment.


The deposit is non-refundable if the tourist cancels himself. If however we cannot arrange visas or for whatever reason it is not possible to travel at the specified time (or you cannot make rescheduled dates) a full refund will be made. Should the client wish to cancel after visa application has been made, charges imposed on us will be paid out of the 50% deposit with the balance being returned to the client. If you have paid in full we will return 50% plus the balance of what is left after the cancellation fee we pay to our partners in Turkmenistan.

In all cases we return as much as we can and we do not take a fee for client's cancellation.
Please be sure that you will definitely be joining the tour when you send all application details.
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