April 24 - April 27 2017

Army Day Minibreak

3 nights
in the DPRK

City break to Pyongyang over the 85th anniversary
of the foundation of the Korean People's Army!

From 1,290 EUR per person

Please apply by 14th April, 2017.

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Army Day Minibreak

3 nights
in the DPRK

City break to Pyongyang over
the 85th anniversary of the
foundation of the Korean People's

From 1,290 EUR per person

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    This April 25 marks the 85th anniversary of the foundation of the Korean People's Army (KPA) in 1932. From its origins as a band of (exiled) guerillas in Manchuria opposing Japanese colonial rule (in Korea) through service in the Korean War (1950-3) and onward to become a major pillar of the modern state, the KPA is one of the most respected and revered institutions in the DPRK today.

    Join our 'Army Day' Minibreak to learn about the military history of the DPRK. The tour will be in Pyongyang for the Army Day celebrations, with an extended visit to Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and captured USS Pueblo, followed by a day trip to two sections of the Korean Demilitarised Zone.
    The exact nature of this year's celebrations has yet to be confirmed, but we've heard it should be something special...


    • Army Day Celebrations!
    • Kaesong and the DMZ
    • Fatherland Liberation War Museum
  • Itinerary

    Briefing Day
    1. April 23 - Sunday


      • Recommended latest arrival in Beijing.


      • 16:00: Our group assembles for a mandatory pre-tour group briefing at the Koryo Tours office in Beijing. This briefing will last approximately one hour and designed so that you will get the most out of your tour. It will cover travel etiquette, safety, and practicalities for travel in the DPRK. Have your last minute questions answered and meet your fellow travelers. Please be punctual - you can come early, pay any outstanding tour fees and browse our collection of Korean art.

      Overnight: Hotel in Beijing not included in the tour. Contact us for recommendations near out office!

    2. April 24 - Monday

      Arrival day in Pyongyang


      • Free bus from the Koryo Tours office to Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 2. Exact time TBC at the pre-tour briefing. Alternatively meet the group at the Air Koryo check-in counter.


      • Flight departure from Beijing on Air Koryo flight at 12:00. A 1.5 hour flight with basic lunch (no vegetarian option).
      • Arrival to Pyongyang's Sunan International Airport (FNJ) at 14:30. DPRK immigration and customs, meet your Korean guides, and transfer to the city.
      • Hero’s Cemetery - Large gun, flag, and bayonet monument surrounded by rows of tombstones commemorating individual heroes of the Korean War.
      • Arch of Triumph - Massive archway commemorating the liberation of Korea from Japanese colonial rule. Made for the 70th anniversary of President Kim Il Sung in 1982. We will be able to go to the top of the Arch (2 EUR per person) for great views over the urban area and Kim Il Sung Stadium.

      Overnight: Sosan Hotel - A sports-themed hotel located in West Pyongyang’s Sports Village. Sport shop, bookstore, numerous bars, spa and small gym. Renovated in 2015.

    3. April 25 - Tuesday

      Army Day!

      As is usual in the DPRK the exact nature of what celebrations will occur is never made clear until they happen, but word on the street is that this year there might be a parade of some sort, plus public dancing and other events. Whatever is going on and is accessible to tourists we will make sure you get to be a part of.

      • Mansudae Grand Monuments - Enormous bronze statues of President Kim Il Sung and Leader Kim Jong Il overlooking downtown Pyongyang. A presentation of flowers and bow by the group is customary here (5 EUR). Here we will also see the Chollima Monument, or ‘thousand ri (400 km or 250 mile) horse’ -a symbol of speed- commemorating the quick rebuilding of the country in the 1950’s following the Korean War.
      • Tower of the Juche Idea -Iconic tower dedicated to the DPRK’s guiding philosophy on the Taedong River. Take the elevator to the top for great views of the city (elevator ticket is 5 EUR).

      • Monument to the Party Foundation -Iconic structure featuring the hammer, sickle, writing brush which represent the workers, farmers, and intellectuals that make up the Worker’s Party of Korea.

      • Foreign Languages Bookshop -Store selling Korean publications translated into English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish. Also pick up DVDs, postcards, and small works of art.
      • Kim Il Sung Square- Pyongyang’s central square lined with government ministries, museums, and The Grand People’s Study House.

      • Pyongyang Metro Tour -One of the deepest metro systems in the world with stunning artwork reflecting the name of each station. Ride six stations on the Chollima Line.


      • Mangyondae Native House -Birthplace and childhood home of President Kim Il Sung. A traditional Korean house in a beautiful natural surrounding.
      • Extended visit to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum - We will tour this world-class museum led by a local museum guide and its exhibits of Korean War from the DPRK perspective containing artifacts, documents, photos, and lifelike dioramas. The exterior grounds house the War Victory Monument and displays of Korean People’s Army Hero Equipment and captures equipment from the US military, including the USS Pueblo. Central to the understanding of the country today and highlight of the trip

      • Jonsung Revolutionary Site -A system of underground tunnels and bunkers used by Korean government’s cabinet during the 1950’s. Learn about life underground during the years of American bombing.

      Overnight: Sosan Hotel

    4. April 26 - Wednesday

      Kaesong and the DMZ


        • Drive south along the 'Reunification Highway' to Kaesong, historic capital of the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392) and today located near the Korean Demilitarised Zone. A 2.5 hour drive.
        • Panmunjom Truce Village -Located in the middle of the 4 km wide Demilitarised Zone, Panmunjom is the site of the signing of the 1953 armistice at the end of the Korean War. This is the only location where visitors can directly view soldiers from both sides and the demarcation line dividing Korea. On some days it is possible to enter the hut straddling both Koreas and there cross temporarily into the south.
        • Kaesong Koryo Museum - Once the Songgyung Academy, a Confucian school, and now a museum on the Koryo Dynasty exhibiting historical objects, statues, pagodas, and porcelain from that era. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
        • Kaesong Korean Stamp Exhibition Hall - Store selling stamps, postcards, local ginseng, souvenirs, art, and more! One of the best postcard collections in the country and friendly staff.
        • Traditional Royal Korean Lunch (pangsanggi) - A meal made of 12 dishes served in brass bowls fit for the kings of old. The more dishes, the more distinguished the guest! Traditional Korean 'sweet meat soup' is an option here (5 EUR).
          • Concrete Wall and view of DMZ -View of a complex fortification system erected on the southern boundary of the DMZ accompanied by a military guide. The wall is seen as evidence of intent to permanently divide the nation. A 45 minute drive each way from Kaesong through scenic countryside.

          • Drive back to Pyongyang with a stop at the Monument to the Three Charters of Reunification, a large stone archway over the highway memorializing joint agreements between north and south. 2.5 hour drive

          • Kwangbok Department Store -Opportunity to use Korean currency and shop with the citizens of Pyongyang! Try the snack stand on the first floor for some of Pyongyang’s best local eats.

          • Mansugyo Beer Bar- A new standing bar serving seven type of local beer (0.50 -1 EUR per beer). Popular with locals after work and on weekends!

          Overnight: Sosan Hotel
        • April 27 - Thursday

          Departure day from Pyongyang and return to Beijing by flight.


          • Flight departure from Pyongyang on Air Koryo Flight JS 251 at 08:25 with scheduled arrival at Beijing Capital Airport (PEK) Terminal 2 at 09:55.

          End of Tour
      • Extras

        • Upgrade to your own room

          All hotel rooms on our all-inclusive group tours feature twin beds, and will be shared. If you'd like a room to yourself then you can upgrade for an extra 40 EUR per night. This rises to 50 EUR per night if you're on one of our marathon tours due to the shortage of rooms over this period.

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      • What is / is not included?

        • Included
          Flight Beijing – Pyongyang – Beijing
          All meals on the tour
          Hotel accommodation in the DPRK
          Two local Korean guides, and a driver per group
          All transportation in the DPRK
        • Not included
          DPRK visa fee 50 EUR
          Optional flight back to Beijing at end of the tour (50 EUR)
          Optional single room supplement of 40 EUR per night
          Tips for the local Korean guides and driver (approx 10-15 EUR per day)
          Optional activities such as the lift up the Juche Tower (5 EUR) or a visit to the funfair (approx. 2 EUR entrance fee per person)
          Entry tickets for special events if applicable – for example Pyongyang Circus (approx. 20 EUR per person)
          Meals include a complimentary beer and water, but you will need to purchase extra drinks if needed
          Spending money for souvenirs
      • Notes

        Please note that this tour will be accompanied by a Koryo Tours member of staff in case it reaches more than 8 participants.

        When on tour your day-to-day itinerary may differ to what is advertised above. Your tour guides will ensure, however, that everything available at the time is covered, and replacement options are provided where needed.

        After the tour, we will send out a list of all participants' emails so you can keep in touch, swap photos etc. If you do not wish to be on this list then please let us know.

      Please apply by 14th April, 2017.

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