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Town of Dongrim Opens to Tourists!

Koryo Tours are excited to announce that the town of Dongrim is soon to be open to tourists!

For anyone looking for an exciting opportunity to travel in one of the least-seen parts of the least-seen nation in the world Koryo Tours is proud to offer the option to visit the city of Sinuiju, and take a drive down to the city of Dongrim – newly open to western tourists after years of our hard work pushing for access.

We have two options available for tours to this area; a day trip from the Chinese border city of Dandong, or an overnight extension to one of our regular DPRK trips as an extension to any tour that leaves the country by train – both on group and independent tours.

These areas were opened to western tourists due to the hard work of Koryo Tours’ staff in negotiating with the local and national authorities in the DPRK for access to these areas – know that if you join one of these trips, or any of our tours, you’re travelling with the company that made it all possible, we’d be glad to have you along with us!

You can now visit Sinuiju, Dongrim, and stay overnight either if you finish your tour in the DPRK by train travelling from Pyongyang up to Sinuiju on the Chinese border – this is a 24 hour extension that offers a great way to see some sites in North Pyongan province; a rarely seen part of North Korea.

This special offer is exclusive to clients of Koryo Tours – you won’t find this unique trip available anywhere else.

For more information:

Temporary Suspension of Tours to the DPRK

Temporary Suspension of Tours to the DPRK
Last updated: Mon 27 Oct

We are sorry to say that tourists are currently unable to travel to the DPRK (North Korea) due to concerns held there over the potential threat posed by the international spread of the Ebola virus. This is a temporary measure that applies to all tourists while the necessary protocols are put in place.

The information we have, however, is that those involved with trade, or other wider activities, such as diplomacy, will still be able to travel in and out of the DPRK during this period. As such, we are in constant dialogue with our partners in Pyongyang and are doing everything we can to have this travel restriction on our tourists lifted at the earliest opportunity.

Having worked in the country since 1993, we were faced with a similar issue during the SARS crisis, and are now in the process of providing the necessary paperwork to show that all tourists currently booked with us are not travelling from Ebola-affected areas, and should be cleared for entry into the DPRK.

Any tourists who may potentially be affected by this temporary suspension in the short term have already been contacted. The situation is moving quickly, and we will provide further updates as and when we have more information.

International Pro-Wrestling Friendship Event

Koryo Tours was at the opening ceremony and wrestling bouts of the historic International Pro-Wrestling Friendship Event in Pyongyang hosted by the famous WWE Hall of Fomer Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki (famous in North Korea as he was a student under Korean Rikidozan who was one of the most influential men in wrestling history).

The last time Koryo Tours witnessed a similar event was when we took over 100 tourists to the International Pro-Wrestling Friendship event in Pyongyang in 1995. This event was attended by Mohammed Ali amongst other world class wrestlers including the US and Japan. Only in the DPRK would they come up with this wrestling to celebrate peace friendship and independence.

Ali in Pyongyang

Enter Pyongyang – Timelapse

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our newest video co-production – an unprecedented time-lapse of Pyongyang! We shot this film in April with Shanghai-based Thrilling Cities – let us know what you think in the comments!


This extraordinary time-lapse video shows the North Korean capital of Pyongyang as it has never been seen before. Koryo Tours – a travel company set up by North Korea expert Nick Bonner in 1993 – used its 21 years of experience working in Pyongyang to secure JT Singh and Rob Whitworth unprecedented access to make ENTER PYONGYANG, a truly breathtaking piece of work.

ABOUT KORYO TOURS: Koryo Tours ( specialises in travel to North Korea, and was founded in 1993 by Nick Bonner — a Brit living in Beijing. Koryo Tours now takes more Western tourists to North Korea than any other company and is a firm believer in responsible tourism, which includes raising money for charitable causes within the country, and participating in significant cultural engagement projects, such as taking Middlesbrough Ladies football team to Pyongyang in 2010 with the backing of the British Embassy there. The tour operator’s parent company, Koryo Group, has also made three award-winning documentaries about North Korea: The Game of Their Lives; A State of Mind; Crossing The Line. Koryo Tours runs regular trips to North Korea, including a special architecture tour in October, which will feature exclusive access and expert lectures

ABOUT ROB WHITWORTH: Rob Whitworth ( is a prominent urban filmmaker. He is responsible for creating awe-inspiring videos that reveal locations in a powerful and compelling manner. The instantly identifiable style of his work has gained widespread critical acclaim, and received over five million online views. During 2014 Robert has been working on a number of major projects, including shoots for the upcoming ‘One Planet’ series for the BBC Natural History Unit, and a viral video of Barcelona. Originating from the UK, Robert gained his first-class honours degree in Photography from Norwich School of Art & Design. He is currently based in Shanghai.

ABOUT JT SINGH Toronto-born JT Singh ( is a leading place-branding pioneer, creative director, global urban explorer and economic strategist focused on cities. He is the co-founder of Thrilling Cities (, which is the only exclusively place-oriented branding and creative agency in the world.

Film Screening at April 25th Studios, Pyongyang

Many tourists who have previously visited Pyongyang will have had the opportunity to visit the impressive Pyongyang Film Studio but on July 31st 2014, the Victory Day tourists became the first ever  to be allowed to visit to the April 25 Film Studio in Pyongyang!

As some readers may know, April 25th is the date when the Korean People’s Army (KPA) was founded, unsurprisingly then the studio mainly produces films for the army but in recent years have branched out, shooting many other types of films. DPRK film buffs will know that it was the April 25th Film Studio that co-produced the groundbreaking COMRADE KIM GOES FLYING along with Belgian production company Another Dimension of an Idea and Koryo Group!

The building was impressive, with a huge mosaic above the entrance and a grand lobby housing a mural of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il surrounded by soldiers from the KPA. To mark this exciting occasion we had exclusive access to  the screening of 1994 North Korean comedy, O YOUTH! Before we hit play, the director Jon Jong Pal, presented the film in front of the audience. What followed was one of those special ‘cultural engagement’ moments, when the audience had to cry out and stop his introduction (essentially a long description of the plot) to try and avoid spoilers! Well, from his point of view perhaps he assumed that given the film was 20 years old, we really should have seen it by now ;)

Not content with providing cinematic entertainment, spoiler-filled director introductions and opening up hitherto-closed cultural spaces in North Korea, we also brought the studio it’s first popcorn machine all the way from Beijing – so next time we visit there will be snacks all round!

Trips to the April 25 Film Studio are now offered on every group tour.

 All photos ©Koryo Group
Tourists relax before the screening

Tourists relax before the screening of ‘O Youth’

Mosaic entrance to the April 25th Film Studio, Pyongyang

Mosaic entrance to the April 25th Film Studio, Pyongyang

Director Jon Jong Pal, presents his film

Director Jon Jong Pal, presents his film

Mural in the lobby of April 25 Film Studio

Mural in the lobby of the film studio

Pyongsong Taedonggang Clothing Factory

By Frances Kitt, July 2014

Koryo Tours’ July Budget group became the first ever tourists to visit the- an authentic working factory in Pyongsong, 30km north of the capital. The factory we visited opened in 1961 and has been manufacturing different garments for export since it’s opening.

Over 650 workers are employed 6 days a week, where we toured some of the manufacturing halls and saw separate material components being stitched together into recognisable sportswear products by hundreds of workers. We were shown a demonstration of an automated embroidery machine programmed to stitch individual logos onto clothing, with relatively modern machines which were in very good condition.

The manager explained the history of the factory and explained how its output had changed each decade. During the 1970′s it was used to export work clothes to Russia and later  in the 1980′s it specialised in making uniforms to export to Vietnam. From the 1990’s it was used to produce baby clothes for a Japanese clothing company and currently makes ski wear for export all over the world.

Trips to the Taedonggang Clothing Factory are now available on all trips to Pyongsong.

All photos ©Koryo Group

DPRK1509 DPRK1535 DPRK1531


DPRK1529DPRK1521 DPRK1504

Football Fever!










By Simon Cockerell, June 2014

During our June Spring Tour Koryo Tours’  group became the first tourists to visit the Pyongyang Football Academy opened in June of last year, by Kim Jong Un. Due to our long involvement in football in North Korea (from the movie The Game of Their Lives, to opening local football matches to foreign tourists, to arranging trips to see the national team play abroad) we were invited to come and see this centre of excellence.


Over 200 10 – 14 year old boys and girls attend this academy, we toured some of the classrooms and lecture halls, of course not just football and football theory is taught here, it also functions as a regular school too. We saw a lecture in progress on the flight of footballs played with spin, some of the dorm rooms for the students, and then moved out to the pitches themselves, the complex has numerous artificial pitches, al in very good condition, and overlook ed by the massive May Day stadium currently under extensive renovation in preparation for the expected Mass Games in 2015.


On the walk to the pitches I had a chance to talk to the director of the school, we discussed the players that they had sent for training in Italy and Spain, he told me they had high hopes that the skills that these 30+ young people that were currently training overseas would bring back would help immensely the development of the game in Pyongyang. I asked him about his hopes for the World Cup, which was starting just a few days later. He told me he respects the Italian, Spanish, and South Korean teams very much but was supporting Brazil, on the dubious grounds that as the host nation it would be good for them to win


We watched some teams training, practicing penalties, dancing (a pre-match ritual apparently for the girls teams at least), and one young wanna-be Ronaldo showboating with some impressive keepy-up skills.


The tourists were keen to show off themselves and the challenge was accepted, so 7 of us lined up against the cream of DPRK youth, it was height and weight vs skills and talent, and it was no contest, 10 mins later the score was around 9-nil, to the local side. Disappointing, but the visitors walked off with heads held high, having had one single shot on target in the whole game, we’ll be back for more though as the director of the academy invited us to bring more tourists along to have a look around, have a kick-about, and play some matches if any teams are interested, we hope to continue our connection with North Korean football for many more years!



footie2 footie IMG_5171 IMG_5170 IMG_5160 IMG_5159

Hiking & Camping In North Korea Tour 2014

This marks the first time camping has been offered on any North Korea tour – our Hiking and Camping tourists were the first to be able to camp out under the stars in two of North Korea’s famous mountain ranges and this was as much a treat for the guides as they had never done this before either!

hiking & camping group 2014

On this amazing journey we scaled the heights of some of the most iconic mountains in the DPRK, and witnessed some stunning and rarely-experienced views. We even spent a couple of nights sleeping out in tents under the stars in these unspoiled areas. This was the first time we were able to offer such a tour and we were excited to see the heights, the sights and the stars at night, covering some serious ground on foot in the deep mountains, as well as seeing some of the highlights of Pyongyang and beyond!

camping in North Korea!

This marks the first time camping has been offered on any North Korea tour – our Hiking and Camping tourists were the first to be able to camp out under the stars in two of North Korea’s famous mountain ranges and this was as much a treat for the guides as they had never done this before either!

Hiking amidst some of the most amazing scenery and in some of the most untouched mountain areas in the world! The scenic and fragrant Mount Myohyang and the jagged and evocative Mount Kumgang areas – unforgettable views and stunning photos. View 82 photos from the hiking/camping tour >

Total hiking: 79km (approx. 50 miles) as the crow flies  with hikes that cover up to 28 km in one day …with lots of uphills and downhills !

Koryo Tours is proud to be the first to offer hiking and camping trips in North Korea – we are also planning on running a second one in 2015.  Contact us for more or watch our website for updates



View 82 photos from the hiking/camping tour >

What’s New In Sinuiju!

Sinuiju Spring Fragrance Cosmetics Factory

new destination

A visit to the DPRK border town of Sinuiju has been a popular add on to Koryo group tours since overnight trips became possible in January 2014. I returned to Sinuiju last week to take the first western tour group to the Sinuiju Spring Fragrance Cosmetics Factory (or Pomhyanggi in Korean!). The cosmetics factory makes all number of products from ginseng toothpaste to washing powder. We went to look at the impressive mosaic of Kim Jong Il inspecting the factory before going to check it out for ourselves!

one of the many weird and wonderful products from the Sinuiju Factory

one of the many weird and wonderful products from the Sinuiju Factory

one of the cute wrapped soaps

one of the cute wrapped soaps

As well as the cosmetics factory, the Sinuiju city tour includes a visit to the Sinuiju Art Exhibition which houses paintings of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Mother Kim Jong Suk going about their daily duties. As a souvenir you can get a sketch of yourself for 20RMB. We finished with a tour and performance at Sinuiju Kindergarten before crossing over the bridge back to Dandong in time to catch the overnight train to Beijing.

The Sinuiju overnight extension can be added onto any tour that is leaving the DPRK by train. Please note that as US citizens are not permitted to take the train out of the DPRK, Sinuiju is currently closed to US tourists.

Learn More about Sinuiju >

Sinuiju Kindergarten Sinuiju local guides Miss Pak and Mr Choe Soap packing section toothpaste Kim Jong Il Mosaic